A good night's sleep is the safe bridge linking today to tomorrow.

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Dreams are the nicest things which lead us through life and help us achieve all our small and great results from day to day. Quality and sound sleep, and a healthy and relaxed body are just the basic preconditions for this.

For over 15 years, DremCo company has been selling mattresses, pillows and beds from renowned manufacturers such as Tempur, Serta and Treca Interiors and bringing exactly that-to you. 

New locations for your better dreams!

Besides bringing the highest quality brands to the domestic market, we in DremCo company try to be as accessible to our many clients as possible. You can find us in Vračar and New Belgrade.

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In 2003 Serta has become the No. 1 choice when it comes to mattresses for premium hotels in the world.

Treca uses only its technology and every part of the mattress is made from the highest quality materials.

Tempur is developed on the basis of the NASA technology, with a tradition of creating satisfied customers.

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Krunska 87, Vracar / Sava Center / SC Usce / Artefacto / Porcelanossa / Viliver / Artico